Ikeda sensei in the UK, 2013 - Disc 1
know one’s self, one’s heart; to (get to) know another person’s heart - to connect heart-to-heart
— Hiroshi Ikeda sensei

Welcome to our website, we are a small, friendly, community focused Coventry Aikido Club. Chishin Dojo was formed in June 2007 with Hiroshi Ikeda sensei kindly giving our dojo its name and interpreting this as "know one's self, one's heart; to (get to) know another person's heart - to connect heart-to-heart." We are located in Coventry, not too far from the city centre. Chishin Dojo is a member of Aikido For Daily Life.

We moved to our own full time dojo in July 2013 and now offer daily classes in Aikido as well as Yoga and Pilates along with Bowen Therapy, Acupuncture, Reiki and Massage. We have changing facilities on site, kitchen and shower areas as well as a treatment room. We're also happy for other groups to rent our space - just come along or give us a call.

All of our teachers share a common connection through a sadly missed local teacher - Tom Moss (6th Dan) who passed away in 2003. We have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in the club and try to maintain the feeling we all felt whilst Tom was still alive.

We directly follow the teaching of Hiroshi Ikeda sensei with emphasis on his internal elements. Our focus for the Jin class on a Sunday is an analysis and study of internal strength and how it relates to Ueshiba's Aikido thanks to Mike Sigman.

Please feel free to come along and watch or join any of our classes – they are all open and everyone is welcome. Your first 2 weeks are free if you're new to Aikido. The best way to experience Aikido is to step onto the mat and have a go yourself, so please get in touch.

We welcome students from all associations no matter your grade or style.


Chishin Dojo
Unit 4 Hotchkiss Way
Binley Industrial Estate

When you find Hotchkiss Way, simply follow the road around to the right and look for Forum Autos (also on the right) we're just after the metal gates on the same row - you can park in the car park outside Forum Autos or simply drive down the side and park outside our unit. There's a map and satellite image here.

Chishin Dojo, a member of Aikido for Daily Life and affiliated to the British Aikido Board, welcomes students from all walks of life no matter your gender, sexuality, race, religion, nationality or ethnicity.

Aikido Class Times

Day Start Finish Teacher Class Type
Monday 19:15 20:45 John Aikido (Focus Class)
20:45 21:30 John Aikido (Weapons Class)
Tuesday 19:15 20:15 John Aikido (Grading Class)
20:15 20:45 John Aikido (Teaching Development Class)
Wednesday 19:15 20:15 Dennis Aikido (Fundamentals Class)
20:15 20:45 John Aikido (Weapons Class)
Thursday 19:15 20:45 John Aikido (Internal Class)
Friday 18:30 20:00 Andy Aikido (Juniors)
Saturday 10:30 12:00 Andy Aikido (Juniors)
Sunday 10:30 11:30 John Jin (Internal Strength)
11:45 13:15 John Aikido (Connection Class)

Yoga Class Times

Day Start Finish Teacher Class Type
Monday 18:00 19:00 Michael Sun Power Yoga
Tuesday 18:00 19:00 Michael Beginners Yoga
Thursday 18:00 19:00 Michael Core Yoga
Sunday 08:30 09:00 Michael Meditation and Pranayama
09:00 10:30 Michael Sun Power Yoga
10:30 11:30 John Jin (Internal Strength)